Renewable Energies

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing.
    Hermann Josef Wagner
  • Stefan Flamme
  • Tobias Reiners
  • Christine Nowak
  • Course (3 SWS)
  • Exercise (1 SWS)
  • every Summer Semester
  • German

Pre- and postprocessing
Including Examination:
120 h Private Study

Presence time:
60 h Attendance Study

Written Exam, Test Performance / 90 Minutes,
Percentage of module grade: 100%

Renewable Energies

Power generation through solar thermal, photovoltaic and wind energy converters. In detail: Current structure of power generation and requirements from the point of view of electrical energy supply, energy supply (solar, wind), function and construction variants of solar thermal power plants, Wind energy converters and photovoltaic energy converters as well as their design, connection to the electrical grid, costs and feed-in tariffs, renewable energy under environmental aspects.

The accompanying exercise deepens the material by arithmetic exercises.

Learning Goals and Competencies

The students are familiar with their field of specialisation:

  • deepened engineering fundamentals,
  • the state of the art in modern engineering research,
  • state-of-the-art engineering methods and procedures and know application examples.

Furthermore, the students can:

  • to solve complex mathematical problems in physical systems using suitable interdisciplinary methods,
  • Transfer knowledge to concrete and new problems,
  • model and solve complex engineering problems across disciplines and develop and implement their own approaches.

The students have:

  • have developed the capacity for networked and critical thinking and are able to select and apply established methods and procedures,
  • have acquired in-depth methodological competence, including interdisciplinary competence, and can apply it in a situational manner.

 The students practiced scientific learning and thinking.