Energy Demand and Life Cycle Assessment

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing.
    Hermann Josef Wagner
  • Julian Röder
  • Sophie Pathe
  • Course (2 SWS)
  • Exercise (2 SWS)
  • every Summer Semester
  • German
  • Thursday 215 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • UFO - 0/11

Pre- and postprocessing
Including Examination:
90 h Private Study

Presence time:
60 h Attendance Study

Written Exam / 90 Minutes,
Percentage of module grade: 100%

Energy Demand and Life Cycle Assessment

Introduction to the emissions caused by energy conversion and their reduction possibilities as well as basics of life cycle assessment: emergence of air pollutants and climate gases, spread of air pollutants, health Effects, limit values, material flows, cumulative energy consumption and cumulative emissions, methodological approach to Life Cycle Assessment, definition impact categories, life cycle assessment.


Learning Goals and Competencies

The students should:

  • be able to illustrate the formation mechanisms of energy-related air pollutants and climate gases
  • learn methods of accounting for cumulative energy expenditure and, based on this, life cycle assessment and have the competence to apply them