PhD Theses

current PhD Theses - working title

Lisa Altieri
Near-surface geothermal energy as a heat source for a cold local heating network

Stefan Flamme
Optimization of a best-case scenario for a combination of hydrogen and CO2 capture in Germany

Michel Gross
Evaluation of heterogeneous heat sources in the network of a low-exergy heat network

Sophie Pathe
Transformation of energy supply in the context of the end of coal-fired power generation

Tobias Reiners
Low-temperature heat networks using mine water heat - in the application case of Wasserstadt Aden

completed PhD Theses


Techno-economic benchmark of liquid air energy storage and lithium-ion batteries in combination with photovoltaics in selected industrial countries
Marc Fiebrandt


Economic evaluation of an underfloor pump storage plant concept taking into account the geothermal potential
Rasmus Ruben Schauer


System evaluation of an industrial waste heat utilisation with the Stirling engine in the medium temperature range
Nils Norman Penczek

Effects of the relocation of production with regard to the energy and CO2 balance of selected industrial goods
Benedikt Peter Bartels

Heat saving through electronic radiator thermostats in apartments - comparison of a conventional calculation with a cluster analysis
Wilhelm Wall


Potentials of energetic renovation of school buildings
Katrin Elisabeth Scharte


Economic evaluation of an underground pumped storage concept under the condition of technical and economic imponderables
Amir José Daou Pulido

Simulation and analysis of the combined use of thermal energy balancing options for electrical load and generation management in residential areas
Michael Winkel

Effects of an increasing contribution of renewable energies on the meaningfulness of the cumulated energy expenditure in life cycle assessments
Julian Röder

Evaluation of the competitive situation of solar thermal and solar electric cooling systems with regard to technical, energetic and economic aspects
Michael Joemann


Empirical fault sequence analysis of wind energy converters under consideration of technical plant characteristics
Katharina Schubert


Future regional final energy demand of German households taking demographic change into account
Sabine Wischermann

Analysis and evaluation of photobiological hydrogen production plants
Vincent Rosner

Environmental-economic evaluation of solar-supported energy supply systems in highly thermally insulated single-family houses
José Ureña López

Input-output approach for the consideration of fixed assets in life cycle assessments
Timo Eickelkamp

Energetic, Exergetic and Economic Assessment of Heating and Cooling of Highly-Insulated Single Family Houses
Hecheng Liu


CO2- free coal power through the use of carbon capture and storage and biomass co-combustion
Stefanie Troy


Stochastic Modelling of the Electricity Storage Expansion in Germany
Alexa Epe

Potentials of osmosis for generating and storing electricity
Peter Stenzel

Modelling and evaluation of different user behaviour in highly thermally insulated single-family houses
Andreas Klesse


High proportion of solar and wind power taking into account high temporal resolution of supply and demand
Thomas Große Böckmann